Small Business Branding

Investing in a designer for your small business branding can be daunting. You might not know the process and want to make sure you’re investing in somebody you can trust.

I’m here to help you define and refine your brand, whatever stage your business is at. But it doesn’t stop there, I also provide ongoing design support for your business: brochures, flyers, campaigns, landing pages. You name it, I’ll design it!

I’m passionate about supporting smaller businesses in and around Bristol because I know what it means to be a small business owner and the challenges of standing out in your local market. I love the direct relationship that working with a business owner brings and the ability to shape a business early on.

View some of my successful small business branding projects.

3 ways to approach your brand project

  • CREATE – ideal for new businesses without any branding in place
  • REFRESH – your brand exists but the business has evolved or changed and it no longer feels appropriate.
  • REFINE – you have a brand in place that you love, but might need a bit of polish and refinement to elevate it.

I have had such a positive experience of working with Ellie! She really has transformed me and my business. I now have a strong identity thanks to Ellie’s creative mind. She really listened to me and my ideas to create the perfect brand and now I feel re-energised and excited about the business again!

Melissa Bell, Mind-Step

Are you ready to hire a designer?

Don’t do anything until you have defined your brief…

WHO is your target audience/customer? Get to know them in detail. Learn their pain points and aspirations. What brands do they like or are influenced by?

WHAT do you stand for? What are your values/goals? What are you selling? What does it need to achieve? How will you measure its success?

WHERE will customers find you? Online, Social Media, Networking, Events, Shop, Studio, Markets…

WHEN? What’s your deadline? Do you have an event coming up? Do you have 100s of business cards to use up first? Be realistic! If you’re rebranding, ensure you’re able to update everything at once. Otherwise it’s just confusing for customers.

Ellie made everything super simple. Before, I kept spending small amounts of money on designs that never really worked properly. I realised I was throwing good money after bad. The best way forward is to get Ellie to do everything properly so your business message is clear!

Ali Walsh, The Local Bakehouse

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Your business needs to ooze confidence, be clear, easy to engage with and also look darn snazzy!

I love working with businesses to define or refine their branding and design. Book a FREE no-obligation 15min consultation to discuss all your branding needs. To make the most of this, please complete my contact form so that I have all the information I need.