Graphic Design FAQs

Can I keep on making changes?

All estimates include 2 rounds of amends as standard. If you think you’re likely to need ongoing changes, that’s not a problem, but it won’t be included in my fixed price quote. Any extra amends will be charged at an hourly rate. For full details, see my Terms & Conditions.

What counts as an amend? 

Moving graphics or photos and text around the page means there will be layout changes and that’s a major revision. Rewriting or resupplying large amounts of text is also a major revision. However, changing a short text phrase here and there is usually considered a minor revision. For branding projects, ‘can it be more of a blue-green’ or ‘can the icon be a little smaller’ are minor revisions but ‘can I see another variation of the logo’ is a major revision.

Are able to advise on colours I can use across my imagery on all platforms including my website, mail out newsletter etc? 

I’ll supply you with a brand guide pdf that will contain advice on colours, fonts and any other parts of the brand. You’ll have full colour breakdowns – which means you have the colour references for websites (# Hex Codes), using in word docs etc (RGB) and for professional print (CMYK).