#2 Design for Good – Progress amidst Panic

2020 is a year of change for me and my business. At home, we’ve been working hard at becoming more green in everything we do for some time. Now it’s time to apply that thinking to my business.

March 2020 has not been how anyone predicted. It’s scary, unsettling and huge changes are taking place around the world. I am continuing to move towards an ethical and sustainable business, but improvements may well be slower.

However, before the crisis I had managed to make some useful decisions:

My mobile phone and web server are now running off renewable energy, both generated by Ecotricity (who incidentally also power our home). I moved my phone to a plan with Ecotalk, which also invests in new habitats for Britain’s wildlife and has reduced my monthly bill. I’m really excited that my web hosting is now with Eco Hosting, who are not only climate friendly but also very people friendly 🙂

The other admin change has been in my banking. Having read up on the main big banks, I was really keen to stop lending them my money! Changing my business bank account to Starling has been a joyous customer experience and a radical departure from traditional banking. Everything about their process is beautifully designed and simple to navigate, putting the customer right at the heart. I’m also pleased to have found a local place to deposit my ISA – Triodos are a Bristol based ethical bank, who are a world leader in sustainability.

What is revealing about this journey, is that each step has not just been a better ethical decision, it has also given me much better customer service and value for money. That feels like Design for Good to me.